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Serving Greater Binghamton and the surrounding areas, New Leaf Home Inspections LLC are licensed to conduct home inspections in the State of New York.

Our mission is to build strong relationships and leverage a thorough inspection process to increase buyer confidence, resulting in a positive experience for all.

My name is Martin Dyson. I grew up in England and moved to the States a year after graduating college. I immediately became fascinated with the homes of America. Their style, the variety, the space you often have between you and your neighbor. Most aspects were contrary to the houses in England where there are roads upon roads of identical houses, often connected like the town houses of America, and land is at a premium so only the fortunate have any.

After working in a few different fields and not finding my ideal career path, things fell into place for me to explore a career in home inspections. With the generous mentoring of Fred and Clara Lawrence of En-Spect Environmental, and despite being delayed by the pandemic, I became a licensed Home Inspector in May 2021.

There are many quality inspectors out there so why should you choose New Leaf for your Home Inspection?

My family and I on vacation in Acadia, Maine, 2013

My family and I on vacation in Maine! It's an old photo, my son is in college now! Inset: A more recent photo of me!

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